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Urbo, the sustainable dockless bike-share?


Urbo, the sustainable dockless bike-share?

BY   Alexandre Gauquelin   

It might not be one of the biggest companies in the new trend of dockless bike-sharing, but we noticed Urbo (currently operating in London) for its different philosophy and approach. When you open the home page of the website, you can read “we cooperate with cities in planning and implementing the Urbo bike-sharing system into their community”. That was enough to pay attention…

All Urbo’s communication is based on its way to address all problems related to dockless bike-sharing. To manage parking behaviour, Urbo’s technology integrates a geo-fencing technology, which now seems mandatory in the development of such programs. Check what happened in Singapore! They also bet on the gamification, with a User Credit System evolving thanks to the app reporting system.


Aware of the specificity of the Occidental market, Urbo developed a Policy Framework “which will ensure the coordination and sustainable development of a dockless bike sharing standard”. That’s what we are talking about: sustainable bike-sharing! Basically, the goal is to co-operate with the local authorities, in order to plan a coherent development and cohabitation between all actors of the transportation system (bike-share, dockless bike-share, car-share, public transport…), respectful of the urban organisation and order.

Looking at Urbo’s blog, you can measure how they are involved in developing sustainable projects. From data protection, to local economy and parking management, they are working on all aspects, and it will for sure benefit to other brands. Let’s hope it’s the good way to expand and convince!

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