About Alexandre Gauquelin,

founder of Shared Micromobility

As a bicycle-geek, I managed to gather work and passion by working in a world-renowned bike-share company for 4 years. Passionate, I have been watching the business evolution since then, and naturally launched my own blog in September 2017 to share my vision on the sector. I widened my expertise area from bike-share only to shared-micromobility, as all these services are closely interdependent and rely on the same business models, and so shared-micromobility.com took over from shared-micromobility.com on March 2019. The blog allowed me to be recognized as a specialist in shared-micromobility solutions, and I am therefore offering my services as a consultant for projects in the sector.

My own definition of micromobility

Every specialist has his own definition of micromobility, and what vehicles it encompasses. My vision is :

1 - Micro

I limit it to vehicles restricted to 45km/h (30 miles/h) and sub 100kg;

2 - Green and healthy :

I include human-powered and electric vehicles. I will therefore speak about kick-scooters, bicycles, E-kick-scooters and other LEVs, E-bicycles, speedelecs... but the list is changing fast!


Thanks to a strong experience and technical knowledge in different shared-mobility fields, I am able to make your shared-micromobility related projects successful. Trust me for project management, technical expertise, writing…