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Big fight in Barcelona for the new Bicing project

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Big fight in Barcelona for the new Bicing project

BY   Alexandre Gauquelin   

Ho yeah!!


Lot of heavyweights in the competition for Bicing 2018 tender:


  • Tradisa Logicauto + Bonopark: the logisitics company is associated with the one suppliying and operating BiciMad ein Madrid, with over 2000 electric bikes (and lot of troubles…)
  • Cespa + PBSC: the waste collection and laundry company is associated with the well reknowed giant PBSC, operating London, NYC, Toronto…
  • Marfina bus + Smoove: the bus operator joined with Smoove, who is just starting installing its 20000 bikes and 1800 stations in Paris, alongside ongoing projects in Vancouver, Moscow, Helsinki…
  • Acciona + Sharebike + Hourbike: the local water distributor teamed with 2 smaller actors of the bike sharing world, who are operating smaller scale project as Oslo and Liverpool.
  • Urbaser + ClearChannel: the waste collection and water distribution company joined gathered with the actual bike provider Clearchannel, who surely has connections and money to keep the market.
  • Sagales + Nextbike: the local bus operator is associated withthe German giant, who runs 69 projects in Europe.

The upcoming contract is 18.8M€/year, for ten years. The next operator will deal with 6000 mechanical bikes and at least 1000 electrical ones, together with 519 stations.

No specific data reached us about the requirement for the electric bike (autonomy…), so we’ll have to wait for that. But here’s no doubt that it is going to be a rough competition! Result end of 2017.

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