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Mobike launched its E-bike (chinese version)


Mobike launched its E-bike (chinese version)

BY   Alexandre Gauquelin   

At first glance, it looks like a real innovation. Faithful to its spirit, Mobike is proposing a singular design for its pedal-assisted bicycle (E-bike) launched on july 5th, with futuristic lines and ever more integrated components. In comparison to Lime’s Lime-E, the development process is clearly not the same…

Mobike chose to use a central motorisation, which is said to be the most efficient compared to wheel motorisation. It works together with a specific battery using LG, Panasonic and Samsung cells and components, offering a range of 30km in Electric-only mode, and 70km in Hybrid mode. Yes, this is China-only version: for legal reasons, using a throttle to use the motor without pedalling makes Mobike’s E-bike… not a bike anymore, but a motorized scooter, not allowed to use cycle lanes, and requiring an insurance. The 20km/h speed limit does not match either with the legal 20mph in the USA and the 25km/h in EU. The bike will need little adjustments before leaving China…

Looking at the bicycle itself, we can see that Mobike forget once and for all the single arm fork and frame, as well as the shaft transmission. We can really pay tribute to the work done about integration: no cable to be seen anywhere, it really seems bulletproof. New tires have also been developed, using Olefin Block Copolymer foaming technology, to gain weight and comfort (that was needed!).


1000 bikes are currently under operation in both Guizhou and Sichuan provinces in order to proof the product and concept. Of course Mobike in not alone, as Didi Chuxing and HelloBike are also in test phase with their E-Bikes.

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