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Veoride introduces swappable batteries on shared e-scooters!


Veoride introduces swappable batteries on shared e-scooters!

BY   Alexandre Gauquelin   

We would have expected these big news from historical scooter manufacturers such as Segway-Ninebot or Xiaomi, or even big players of e-scooter sharing such as Bird or Lime. But no… the first e-scooter dedicated to share-use and including a swappable battery has been unveiled by Veoride, the small (they are currently operating only in universities and small US cities) shared-mobility operator based in Chicago, USA!


Swappable batteries are one of the main trends in e-scooter and e-bike sharing nowadays, with the new version of Jump’s bike, and development projects announced by Lyft and others to lower the charging operation costs which is said to be around half of the total OPEX for an operator. It has been confirmed as one of the key development by e-scooters operators at the Micromobility Conference in january 2019.

Veoride chose to design its scooter in-house, and to build it around 10′ wheels, a rear motor and a battery located in the deck to lower the center of gravity. They also claim to have extended the scooter lifetime to 8 times the one of usual ones. We are now waiting to see it on the streets, to test its robustness , waterproofness…

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