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oBike innovates with its EVS E-bike


oBike innovates with its EVS E-bike

BY   Alexandre Gauquelin   

I wondered… but NO, it’s not a shared E-bike but a classic E-Bike that oBike offers for sale on a specific e-shop. It is kind of a surprise, as after the launch of Limebike and Spin’s E-bikes, we are only waiting for the launch date of its concurrents from the Asian companies Mobike, ofo… and oBike. At first I thought it was a solution to test a home-designed bike, but let’s face it, you do not use your private bike the same way as a shared one! So I do not see any link with bike-sharing, just a company’s diversification to carry on getting users data thank to bicycles.


Here is the beast, the EVS, that embarks a few innovations:


  • A proprietary low capacity battery (18000mAh) for a 25km range, that allows to charge electric devices.
  • Front and rear regenerative brakes allowing to charge the battery while braking.
  • A build-in GPS that can be managed through the appropriate app

The app allows you to “track significant data on your rides, such as the histories of your trips, distance covered, calories burnt, and the carbon emission you have saved”. You can also set an theft alert linked to the GPS.


For US$1298, it can be considered a good deal. I consider it as a risky bet, as you do not have any components list, you don’t know who is the motorisation manufacturer… well you do not anything about the bike except a nice video.


Let’s wait for the coming shared E-Bike from oBike to see if it has the same DNA as the EVS.

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