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Car-makers are definitely moving towards micromobility!

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Car-makers are definitely moving towards micromobility!

BY   Alexandre Gauquelin   

Let’s go to the Geneva Motor show. Strange isn’t it? Actually, it has been the stage of interesting discoveries of new micromobility vehicles from car-makers. Two small german ones, Audi and Volkswagen, released their vision of micromobility with their own form factors.

I would describe the Audi E-tron as an electric skateboard with a joystick-style handlebar. As I do not speak German, I cannot develop more about the product… The choice of a 4-wheeler is interesting for stability and therefore safety.

Volkswagen has been even more productive, unveiling two models.

The Streetmate is a long range solution, an bike and scooter hybrid. Big wheels, large tyres, strong brakes, comfort and safety have been taken into account. The battery specs are a bit disappointing: with only a 33km range, it will be difficult to fight against speedelecs.


The Cityskater is a two-boards e-scooter: “the steering is similar to skiing, as the direction is determined by shifting weight side to side“. the joystick allows stabilisation, accelerating and braking. With a 14km range, it is a direct competitor to e-scooters.

Apart from the vehicles, it is interesting to see that, once again (read about Ford investment in Spin), car-makers are taking micromobility seriously, and are definitely looking towards this sector as an interesting way for diversification. By their financial and industrial power, these companies might be the future of micromobility, either as vehicle suppliers or service operators.

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