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2020 forecast from shared micromobility experts


2020 forecast from shared micromobility experts

BY   Alexandre Gauquelin   
Horace Dediu – micromobility expert, founder of Bond and Micromobility Industries – Based in the US

Shared micromobility will undergo a few changes this year:

  • Consolidation among some of the providers with acquisitions of smaller players such as that of Scoot taking place.
  • Focus on discovery. As Google maps is currently surfacing Lime, expect deals for other providers or at least negotiations to take place. The map is the browser of mobility and as such placement on the map is equivalent of search.
  • Segmentation may finally begin where price and vehicle choices will be offered for various customer segments. This might still take longer but maybe by end of the year we’ll see movement in this direction.
Antonia Roberts – deputy chief executive at CoMoUK – Based in the UK

CoMoUK foresees that 2020 will be a really positive year for shared micro-mobility with further innovation and expansion. There are many new cities developing schemes and we are regularly contacted by companies with ideas to enhance the customer experience and meet the needs of new audiences.  

We shall soon discover if e-scooters will make an official appearance on the streets of the UK, it seems likely that trials may be authorised. Given the bike share sector is moving firmly towards hub based management this may well set the tone for other modes to avoid free-floating scenarios. It is unlikely that the deployment of hubs and lock to /tethering will be enough to address the issues of criminal damage alone without new initiatives to nip the action of a minority in bud.

It is important that the benefits set out in the latest CoMoUK bike share users survey are enjoyed by as many as possible. We know shared micromobility has the power to cut congestion and improve air quality whilst improving physical and mental health. These are solutions we ca