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Will citizens charge dockless E-bikes and E-scooters?

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Will citizens charge dockless E-bikes and E-scooters?

BY   Alexandre Gauquelin   

Not much information so far, but LimeBike is looking for Juicers to manage the charging of their Lime-S scooters! Basically, a Juicer will be a LimeBike contractor, whose mission will be to:


  • pickup specified low battery scooters with their own vehicles
  • charge it in their own buildings
  • deploy it in the morning where LimeBike asks to with their own vehicles.


The wage is not specified, but you will “get paid each time you charge a scooter”.

So the market Uberisation carries on. Now everybody with a small van or SUV can be underpaid to charge (and maintain?) the scooters, and soon the E-bikes?? Yes it will certainly be cheaper for LimeBike than having its own crew, but I doubt it is a sustainable and reliable solution. Hundred of specialists already wrote about all the social issues this situation raises with the ride-hailing or food-delivery cases for exemple.


It also underlined that LimeBike did not fully anticipated the fleet management of the scooters: if so, they would have release the program before the launch of Lime-S. More staff is needed, how to get it as cheap as possible? Juicers. Let’s see if it moves to Lime-E (E-bikes) soon, as except the product size which requires specific vehicles, the management problematics are the same.

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