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The form factor evolution


The form factor evolution

BY   Alexandre Gauquelin   

In shared mobility solutions, you know what bicycles look like. What e-bicycles look like. And you know very much how e-scooters look like. Well, the range is not limited to this and is extending with simpler and sturdier vehicles.

Pogo sticks? No way!

To joke or not to joke, that is the question… Cangoroo, a dutch company, unveiled its plan to launch shared-pogo sticks in the streets of Malmö, Stockholm, London and San Francisco. For real. Just in case, Paris already said that it will forbid the company to operate in its streets… The news has gone viral, as a part of the company plan to get known as a mobility solution provider. Well, I do not know anyone who would consider pogo sticks as vehicles. Just check the video:

Seated e-scooters

The main durable evolution is to find in between e-scooters and e-bikes, with the goal of gathering the advantages of both solutions: riding effortless and having a stable and safe vehicle. ojo and Wheels have been one of the pioneers in the US, with very different designs, followed by Boaz and soon… no other than Bird!

The benefits of seats and larger wheels are huge in terms of safety and comfort, allowing a wider range of users to ride it. As proof, it is interesting to see that bad Indian roads have forced micromobility companies to ignore our mainstream e-scooters, and directly focus on sited e-scooters, such as Mobycy’s Zipp or Yulu’s Miracle.

What’s next ?

Bird Cruiser is launching the race for 2-riders vehicles. It should be the first shared vehicle build for 2 riders, not requiring helmets or licenses… theoretically, as it might face a lot of regulatory fences depending on the countries/states. Nonetheless, it shows that users are asking for such solutions – look at the number of persons riding e-scooters in pair- safe and build for 2. But as for classical e-scooters, the regulatory route might be long.

This kind of new seated-scooters, longer to welcome 2 persons, will, therefore, be ready to integrate weather protections. I would see it evolving towards something close to a light / 25km/h / 2-seater “BMW C1”-like vehicle! What do you think?

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