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Hackers attacked Bycycklen in Copenhagen!


Hackers attacked Bycycklen in Copenhagen!

BY   Alexandre Gauquelin   

Maybe a first in bike-sharing? Copenhagen’s Bycyklen system has been hacked during the night of may 4th, by a still unidentified person or group! The attack, qualified as “primitive” by the operator, has been performed “by a person with a high level of knowledge of the IT structure of our system”. As a result, all of the servers data has been deleted, making all of the bikes, which works thanks to an Android tablet,useless.

Vores servere er nede. Vi arbejder på fuld damp på at løse problemet. Vi beklager ulejligheden og holder jer opdateret…

Publiée par Bycyklen sur samedi 5 mai 2018

Natten mellem fredag d. 4 og lørdag d. 5 maj blev Bycyklen udsat for et omfattende hacker-angreb.
Alle vores databaser…

Publiée par Bycyklen sur samedi 5 mai 2018

Kære Bycyklister (Eng. below)

Vi har analyseret serverne efter weekendens hackerangreb, og der er ingen tegn på, at vi…

Publiée par Bycyklen sur lundi 7 mai 2018



All of the 1860 bikes of the fleet has been down, requiring the company to reboot each of them manually. 200 have been restored 24 hours after the attack, all of them 4 days later. After an internal investigation, Bycyklen confirmed that no user data have been stolen, and “We do not store payment card information. The only information we keep is our users [sic] email addresses, phone numbers and their PIN codes for the Bycyklen bikes.”

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