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Big news from Motivate

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Big news from Motivate

BY   Alexandre Gauquelin   

We already knew that Motivate was working on a dockless solution, as they applied for an operation permit in New York, for exemple. Well, a Tweet on june 1st released the first photos of the bike, and announced at the same time its launch in North San José, extending the Ford Go-Bike area.


No informations about the bike itself, innovative features or embedded technology. Motivate only explains how the bike will be integrated into the Ford Go-Bike program: with the same pricing as the docked solution, the 200 bikes will be available from june 13th in North San José only. It gives Motivate the opportunity to provide a continuous solution in a wider area with more flexibility. Maybe The future of bike-sharing, with a city center equipped with docks, and the surroundings with dockless bikes?

On the same day, the news was everywhere: Lyft, the famous ride-hailing company, is on the verge to buy the bike-sharing company for US$250M! Of course, we have to compare with the Uber/Jump association: with a much wider footprint in terms of number of bikes, it might be a good deal for Lyft. San Francisco should be the lab for the Multimodal transportation company of the future. Lyft has the cars, the dockless E-scooters soon, Motivate as the docked bike and E-bikeshare, the dockless bikeshare. It is already a nice service range for the user.

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