Aldin Cycles

Technical and Operation Expert

I am advising the local team to select the most appropriate bike-share solution, and design its operation. It will be the first system to be launched in Ghana in 2024.



Business and Operation Expert

I am collaborating with SHOVeBIKE, a dynamic South African start-up, to launch the first electric bike-share service of the country in 2023. I provide advice on the technical and operation side, but also on the strategy and business plan.


Vehicle and Operation specialist

I am collaborating with to help launching the first e-bike subscription service in Africa. I provide my insights to develop the perfect bike and set up the operations.


Sofia Bike Share

Selection of the bike-share solution supplier

I worked for the awarded operator of Sofia’s public bike-share service to select the solution provider. Benchmark, assessment of technical, financial and logistical performance for 7 providers, and assistance in contract negotiation.



Business facilitator

I have introduced ONgineer’s scooter docking and charging stations to the main French cities Department of Transports, with the goal to launch one or several pilot projects.



Technical expertise for the evaluation of the offers for Clermont-Ferrand's public bike services renewal

I provided my technical expertise to support Solcy for the evaluation of the answers to C.vélo’s tender (PBS and long-term bike rental).


Pragma Mobility

Definition of a shared Hydrogen e-bike service

Definition of a shared hydrogen e-bikes service in the Pays Basque area to answer a regional RFP promoting New Mobility.



Moderator of a round table at Autonomy Virtual 2020

I have been the moderator of a round table with Amira HAberah (Zoov), Paul-Adrien Coremerais (pony), and Stephan Belloni (Vulog) to answer “What to consider when choosing a hardware vendor for your sharing business?”.



Strategy and partnerships advisor

I advise Luna System on their development strategy, with the goal to launch their cm-level positioning technology on pilot projects. I am connecting them with potential partners in my large network.

Since 2020


Redaction of articles using fluctuo's data.

I am writing a set of articles, analysing phenomenons and trends in the shared micromobility sector, to emphasis the potential of fluctuo’s data.


Pragma Industries

Definition of the technical characteristics of an hydrogen-powered shared e-bike

I realized a technical study to define the characteristics of a humanized H2-powered e-bike-share solution : bike components, rental process and connectivity requirements.



Bike-share expertise for an audit of Clermont-Ferrand's public bike services

I provided my expertise in bike-sharing to support Solcy for an audit of C.vélo (PBS and long-term bike rental) in order to define some improvements to be included in the coming tender renewal.



Project Manager

Working on the technical and commercial development of the station-based e-scooter sharing solution. Set-up of La Défense project.



Article writing

Reporter for the Autonomy blog at the Micromobility Conference in San Francisco, to get the taste of the future of micromobility.

2018 - 2019


Shared-mobility advisor

I am giving the “mobility” vision in the development of VeloxChain, an open-source, scalable blockchain infrastructure designed to connect urban mobility.



Moderator of the Shared bikes: best practice, research and innovation talk

Introduction of the best practices from US and UK, and of e-bike innovation.


Opale Promotion

Feasibility study for a regional multimodal service

I was part of a team to design a shared multimodal service in the west part of La Réunion island, including bike-share, scooter-share, car-share hardware along with sharing platforms.



Introduction talk at PEBSS workshop

State of play of the bike-sharing sector with the dockless disruption.

2014 to 2017


Set-up and technical support manager

Implementation of bike-share programs in Canada, Finland, Kazakhstan… and a deep technical knowledge and understanding of a bike-share project specificity.

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